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Wapato Middle School



Wapato Middle School Student Fees

$10.00              BOOK/LOCKER DEPOSIT    REQUIRED

$3.00                STUDENT ID CARD            REQUIRED

  1. 1.   Replacement cost - $3.00
  1. 2.   All students will receive an ID card and will be required to wear it during the school day.
  1. 3.   The bar code on the ID card will serve as their library card and lunch card.
  1. 4.   IT IS NOT  the same as ASB card


$10.00              ASB CARD                         Optional

  1. 1.           Replacement cost - $5.00
  1. 2.           Your card will be wallet size and include your picture along with a                         symbol stating you have purchased your ASB card.
  1. 3.           You must purchase if you plan to join a club or participate in sports.                       Otherwise, student must pay $7.00 per sport.
  1. 4.           Enable you to participate in after-school activities at a reduced rate.
  1. 5.           Free admission at all home High School Varsity sports and reduced                     price at away events.